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Our History
FarAbove Cleaning Solutions is a residential and commercial cleaning company founded in 2017, in Cape Town. FarAbove is led by an experienced professional cleaner, with 10 years demonstrated experience working in the cleaning industry, having skills in several senior capacities and handling reputable brands that included hospitality sector, marine transport (boats and ships), hospitals, retails, functions cleaning etc.

Like most prime services out there, we did initially start out on a small scale thanks to the sheer perseverance and dedication of our small team at the very beginning, we are truly proud to say that we are one of the most sought-after and renowned cleaning services today. Having established a strong footing in the cleaning industry right from the very beginning itself, things have only been on an upward curve from that point on-wards with a higher level of expertise being introduced into our team due to the joining of newer professionals along the way. Since our overall journey has rarely been about anything other than happiness and high-quality services, we look forward to providing you with the same.

Our Cleaning Services are segmented into 2 groups namely:
➢ Residential Cleaning
➢ Commercial Cleaning

Our Mission Statement
At FarAbove Cleaning Solutions, we commit ourselves to provide the highest quality service of unmatched value to our clients through the efforts of a highly dedicated, trained and productive workforce who share a commitment to long term growth and success of the company.

Our Vision
To command a leading market share in the cleaning industry by offering the most hygiene, environmentally friendly and refreshing cleaning solutions in Western Cape, at an affordable cost without compromising on the quality of the service we deliver.

  • Residential Cleaning 80% 80%
  • Commercial Cleaning 60% 60%
  • Event Cleanup 90% 90%
  • One-time Cleaning 80% 80%
  • Regular Cleaning 60% 60%
  • Carpet Cleaning 90% 90%

Our Values
Our operations are based on these core values:
➢ Customer Focus : We listen to our customers; service is our top priority and we will respond quickly, enthusiastically and consistently to satisfy their needs.
➢ Personal Integrity : We deliver on our promise; we do what we say we will do, and we will do it on time.
➢ Professionalism : We take pride in what we do and maintain high standards for management, quality of service and performance.
➢ Health & Safety : We take responsibility for providing a safe and healthy work environment for our people, customers and the community.
➢ Environment : We understand the environmental impacts of our activities. We implement practices to reduce these impacts and deliver better environmental and cleaning outcomes.
➢ Excellence : Always looking for opportunities to provide the best quality experience with regards to our cleaning and customer service
➢ Business ethics : We are guided by a very strict code of conduct policy, a policy influenced in its entirety by our great respect for honesty and fairness in business practice to equally guard our interests as well as our stakeholders’.

Why Hire Us
➢ We clean it like we’re cleaning our own
➢ Highly trained staff
➢ Honest and trustworthy staff
➢ Affordable prices
➢ Well-experienced team players
➢ Consistency

Happy Customers

"I have been upset about poor cleaning service; a door left unlocked, lights left on, garbage missed, and so on and so on. But when I saw a new cleaning service company FarAbove Cleaning Solutions being advertised online I took an opportunity to try it out. This was my first time with FarAbove Cleaning Solutions and I was very impressed with them. I had my parents’ house cleaned from top to bottom – and they did a wonderful job!"

Alucia Creighton – Durbanville

"Thank you for sending me Unathi She did an excellent cleaning job. She did not talk at all, all she did was work. I am happy to know that your company has professional experience people. If I need your services in the future, FarAbove Cleaning Solutions will be the first to know. :)"

Aneeqah Roberts – Stellenbosch

"We have a two floor house, and based on a handicap and cancer treatments in the family, it was difficult to clean the 2nd floor. Having two shedding cats didn’t make it easier. We decided on using a cleaning service. We didn’t want just someone off the street. This week a crew of 3 cleaners showed up, and cleaned not only the 2nd floor, but the first as well. Oh my, FarAbove did an unbelievable job. The house shines. The ladies were very personal and professional, and so was the business manager who called to see if everything was going well. We could not be more pleased!! We plan to use them from now on. And not let it get so bad again.”"

Jeff & Brok – Durbanville

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